Do you want to play games with us?

How about exploring the dark corridors of an ancient castle and then throwing a 50 yard bomb to the end zone.

Perhaps you’d like to cruise the main drag in Las Vegas….and then drive the lane and slam dunk on the basketball court.

Whether it’s shifting gears, putting the petal to the metal, or hitting the button in the nick of time… Ice Castle Arena has your game, and not just on the ice.


At Ice Castle Arena, there are all kinds of games happening… and not just on the ice

Here is our game list.

Dynamo Photon
Step up for state-of-the-art air hockey and match up against your friend at the other end of this quick action table.

Dark Silhouette – Silent Scope 2
Embark on a journey that will take you through snowy terrain, ancient castles, a treacherous forest and underwater to track down Alpha Team.

NFL Blitz 2000/NBA Show Time
Take it to the hoop or get down and dirty on the football field. Full color, big sound, huge graphics and tons of stats!

The Simpsons™ Bowling
Dohhhhh! Get ready to roll a few on the lanes with a cartoon family that leaves you rolling in the aisles with laughter!

Cruis’n Exotica
If it’s adventure you want, then come and get it … in gear. From the Sahara desert to Hong Kong Airport to the Las Vegas Strip, get buckled up for the ride of your life!

Arctic Thunder
It’s you and the snowmobile on a full-throttle adventure to the Alaskan pipeline, a blizzard at the White House, a haunted forest, the Swiss Alps and more. Fuel up!

Prize Machines
Shift the lever. Press the button. It takes timing, precision and accuracy. But the reward … is a cool gift- and much more!